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“When I started working with Blake I had only been running a month or so. He set me up with a personalized training plan and with a few months I seen massive gains in speed and endurance. If your dedicated and driven to excel Blake can make it happen.” 

-Tommy N


"I been getting coached by Blake for 9 months. Blake got me when I was a 12:00 min runner and has taken me down to 7:20 pace for a 5k !

He’s continuing to help me grow as a runner both by crushing my goals and making me a strong fitter athlete. His ability to help me grow is largely based on his own success. He’s not only a coach but a active runner his self who is very competitive. 

Thank you Blake for helping me learn the tips and tricks it takes to be a good runner even though in 9 months I’m not any where near where I want to be but I’m closer with your help then with out it so I am forget grateful for all you done."

-Joseph D

“Coach Blake has a deep knowledge of nutrition for runners and he conveys this knowledge is an easy understandable way through his online coaching. He was quick to respond back to all of my questions.  Even before I became a client he was providing me with valuable nutrition information. I would highly recommend Coach Blake!” 

-Marilyn N

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